Soundproofing of exterior walls

Today, improving the acoustic performance of exterior walls, roofs are strongly influenced by their modern construction, consisting of many layers. They all have different elasticity, density of materials, have different...

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“Live” concrete

Dutch scientists from Delft University are testing concrete, capable of self-repair. A special feature of self-healing concrete is that cracks in it are sealed with special bacteria. In the process...

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Housing on the Internet

Now providers of telecommunication services can connect to the housing stock of the country. It is for this purpose and developed the Rules on access to the housing stock, regardless...

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Liquid wood

Probably very few people have heard that wood can be not only in its usual (solid) state, but also in a liquid. It is also called bioplastic or arboform. The...

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Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is a universal and very popular type of wall decoration, which came to us from ancient Rome. Thanks to the amazing texture, which easily conveys the shine of...

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Interior lighting options

Lighting refers to one of the most favorite tools in modern interior and exterior design. It is mainly used in nightclubs, modern boutiques and cafes. Variations in lighting have gradually...

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